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Knowledge is Power

Boost your knowledge with targeted training to upskill your confidence and understanding.  Each training session focuses on how to navigate the Excel Marketing Solutions System in a clear and precise manner, so you can be assured, you will be expert in no time.
Not sure about something? Reach out to us for support and guidance anytime, we’re here to help.


New User

Comprehensive induction course on all you need to know about operating your marketing system for all your marketing needs.   


Agent and Office Marketing

Instructions on how to promote before and after listings with everything in between


Board Signage

Solutions for signage, detailing how to integrate with suppliers and options to create packages to suit your individual business requirements.


This division provides you with all the information you require to order your Newspaper modules, simplifying its complexities step by step.



Here we detail training for a complete end-to-end advertising solution with flexibility to custom tailor you’re marketing per property.


Refresher course

Training per section to target your skills as desired, short sharp and to the point.


Online Training

Excel puts training as the key to understanding the ordering procedure by equipping our clients with the skills for smooth operations.  We offer a comprehensive online learning process for individual user logins and/or one on one webinar training.  As new staff members join your group, we can arrange instruction as often as you require.  There is also recorded video training available online for immediate reference.


Achieve more in less time. 
Let us give you a live demo of what we can do for you.

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