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Marketing Solution System

Residential | Commercial | Rural

A single solution system to help drive you to succeed

Our dedicated teams are with you every step of the way. Your Excel Marketing Solutions System is your one stop shop for all your marketing needs – helping you create, execute consistent branding and marketing campaigns with ease; simplifying the difficult and repetitive real estate tasks; and ultimately improving your business’ overall efficiencies through increase staff productivity. 

Digital & Social

Manage the creation and execution of your digital and social media campaigns.


We take the hassle out of dealing with media agencies.Book, create and manage newspaper and magazine campaigns – from local, state, national and even international publications. 


Simply click and drag to create, order, print and or install consistently branded artwork. 

See for yourself how our innovative Marketing Solutions System will drive you to success! 

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User Friendly

Our system is designed to suit the most junior through to the most experienced user in a typical real estate office. Once our team of experts set up your system, you will be able to create high quality marketing collateral and book media spaces like a professional. 


Increased Productivity

All the hard work has been done for you so all it takes is a few clicks to create your most memorable real estate marketing and branding campaigns, so your team can focus on other aspects of your business. 

Many Needs - Single Solution

Eliminate the juggling act by connecting your most valued suppliers to your marketing solutions system. All your real estate needs in a single system. 


Total Management

Manage your network, from supplier channels to your preferred newspaper and magazines. You have total control of who you want to deal with. 

Brand Consistency 

We create every template
in-line with your brand guidelines and business goals in mind so every marketing collateral you create is always consistent with your vision.  

Leading Technology Benefits

Automatically creates artwork with relevant property, agent and office data With thousands of in-built templates. 

In real time you can type, move, resize and rotate images live and sends artwork to any supplier with any specifications automatically.

Buying a House

Your current marketing system provider can’t do it? 
We can do it for you! Let us show you.

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