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The face of advertising has changed and to appeal to everyone with one form of advertising won’t give you the results you are looking for.  To reach today’s savvy population you need to understand your target market and tailor your advertising strategy to suit.

Microsites allows your company to create highly targeted content that will engage your audience with personalized and dynamic content, making your message more direct and relevant.

Why use Microsites

Microsites can be used to simplify and manage your entire marketing effort.

Operational features

  • Slideshow and gallery
  • Download documents/floorplans
  • Multiple language option
  • Location map
  • One point entry to populate all fields
  • Mobile version easily viewed on small screen
  • Easy to navigate around with short direct information

Benefits of a Microsite

  • By giving customers tailored information with quality content, it is more likely that they will be either a returning customer or a referring one
  • The perfect online tool for leading customers to a call to action
  • Microsites help brand your property in a way that is unique from your corporate brand while presenting it to a new audience.
  • Microsites convert web traffic to generate leads and sales
  • Tailoring your communications is an effective way to develop a customized platform that delivers results.




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