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What if you could have the best of everything in one magazine? Where you choose what you want, how it looks, how it gets published, where it goes and who gets it? We have created just that with our eMag. A powerful, dynamic listing tool that can integrate with your marketing systems, allowing for on-demand distribution across different media streams, from web and email platforms to portable devices. If you want printed copies, that’s no problem either, and distribution is made easy with options to either send via a database, or by offering your clients a print subscription option. eMag.



  • Front image can be personalised
  • Customise every copy to each individual in your database
  • Flexible designs half or full page layout
  • User friendly system
  • Automatic single or network office submission
  • Printed copies available, email or embedded in your website
  • Easily updated
  • One point entry

Our eMag solutions can boost our customers’ sales conversions with many clients electing to change details regularly for a truly ondemand interactive experience.

Best tips for your eMag marketing

In spite of social media’s rise in popularity, email is still one of the most direct and successful ways of marketing.  Here are some tips we have found to be helpful in creating and controlling your email campaigns.

1.  Make it personal

There are 294 billion emails sent each day, that’s about 50 for every human being.  If you want people to notice you, give them something that interests them.  Look at your database, consider whether there’s a personal message or helping hand you can lend each potential customer.

2.  Become the Guru of Real Estate

Keep your eMag content current with information and statistics about the local area.  You would be surprised at how quickly the public will rely on your advice, which can lead to increase sales generation.

3.  Include a call to action

Invite your potential customer to take action you’ll be amazed at how many positive responses you can get.

4.  Send your emails on Tuesday at lunchtime

That’s when most people are reading emails!!!

5.  Cleanse your database

The secret to a great result is in the strength of your database.  Keeping your database cleansed and up-to-date is time well spent.

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