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Acquisition Express – A new way to market

Acquisition Express is a marketing strategy designed to focus on finding new prospects and converting them into customers and retaining customer loyalty.

There are several processes involved in customer acquisition strategy, know how your prospects think, gather information on their demographics and analyze how customers are influenced by their surroundings.  By identifying this information, a tactical marketing campaign can be launched.

Acquisition Express has been designed to combine traditional and new marketing platforms to actively manage and market benefits to prospective customers and franchisees. The aim is to step the prospect through an initial teaser and lead them to a Personalised URL where they answer 5 key questions relating to the franchise development. Information is recorded and a final Prospective Information Booklet is produced tailored specifically to that prospect.



Acquisition Strategy

  • Campaign is driven by a high level of customer understanding
  • Supports lead generation and management
  • Focuses on customer retention, growth and referrals
  • Campaign is driven by capturing information about the prospect
  • By engaging the prospect in this manner the possibility of new acquisition is enhanced

Prospective Customer Database

  • Break your data into logical pieces and make life simpler
  • Centralize the name value table
  • Focus and refactor duplicate data to save confusion






Teaser Advertiser

  • Teaser component sequence are
  1. Awareness
  2. Alignment
  3. Engagement
  4. Action
  • Personalised marketing is designed to increase incentive to take action
  • The campaign creates a trail for the prospect and leads them to the URL
  • Corporate branded guidelines are followed to create tailored advertisements
  • Campaign runs for 12 month period and is self driven until they request to be unsubscribed


URL Questionnaire

  • 5 key questions are asked relating to the Franchise Development
  • Additional text box allows prospects to outline their goals, background and other relevant information
  • Information collated to produce Personlised Prospective booklet



Accurate communications equal business growth