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Corporate Responsibility

Being a responsible company is an important

part of the way Excel operates its business.


As an industry leader, Excel recognizes that it is part of a wider community of stakeholders.

This includes investors, employees, customers, business associates and local communities and that appropriate attention to the fulfilment of its corporate responsibilities can enhance the quality of these relationships. This, in turn, can lead to improved operational and financial performance. In structuring its approach to the various aspects of corporate social responsibility, the Company takes account of guidelines and statements issued by various stakeholder representatives and other regulatory bodies from around the world.

Social, environmental and ethical matters are reviewed by the Board regularly. This relates specifically to the Group’s risk management policy and the internal control systems in place for managing any significant associated risks. This is part of Excel’s good corporate citizen policy, environmental care through strict recycling policies and use of re-growth products wherever possible.

This policy is extended to the community as Excels philosophy of ‘giving back’ to the community through our relationship with charitable institutions that demonstrate strong community support programs.

Code of Conduct

The Company has a Code of Conduct (“Excel Code”), which has been distributed throughout the Group and which all its businesses adhere to.

The Excel Code emphasises the Company’s commitment to compliance with the highest standards of legal and ethical behaviour. Excel’s primary goal is the protection and advancement of the interests of investors by providing attractive returns on a Triple Bottom Line basis. In striving to achieve this goal, management must conduct its business in a responsible manner, while engaging in careful risk-taking as an essential ingredient of business success.

The Excel Code requires that particular care be given to the preservation and protection of Group assets by making prudent and effective use of resources. Long-term customer satisfaction is recognised as being essential to the attainment of Group goals. This means listening carefully to customers’ product and service requirements and maintaining a reputation for integrity in all business and other dealings.

The Group can only achieve its goals through the efforts of its employees. Excel recognises that job satisfaction requires working environments that motivate employees to be productive and innovative, and which provide opportunities for employee training and development to maximise personal potential and develop careers within the Group.

The Excel Code requires all Group companies to ensure that recruitment; training; promotion; career development; termination; and similar employment-related issues are based on individual ability, achievement and experience. Excels employment policy is without regard to race, colour, nationality, culture, ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or any other reason not related to job performance or prohibited by applicable law.

The Excel Code requires all employees, officers and Directors to have a duty of loyalty to the Group. Individuals may not use their positions to profit themselves or others at the expense of the Group. Personal interests that conflict or might conflict with Group interests or improperly influence the performance of an individual’s duties must be avoided at all times.

Excel seeks to be a good corporate citizen wherever it conducts business. The Excel Code requires employees to observe all national and local laws and never seek to gain any advantage through the inappropriate use of payments, business courtesies or other inducements. Group businesses must respect and take into account regional and local concerns, customs, traditions and environment.

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